Many agree that the term “ugly” is a subjective perspective and differs from person to person. Yet, sometimes the majority can agree when something ugly is just plain ugly. Buildings are not normally prone to getting called ugly but they do exist. There is some unattractive architecture around the world that you can not ignore. Here are the top three most ugly building across the globe.


3. Longaberger Home Office – Newark, Ohio

Buildings that are created quite literally seem to stick out like a sore thumb. Architecture that is made symbolically tends to ignore the visual desire to fit within an environment it resides in. The Longaberger Home Office in Ohio is the epitome of product dedication within a company. They create maple wood baskets and also work in one too. The headquarters of the Longaberger Company is now a tourist attraction in Ohio. One a positive note, the building looks like an exact replica of their own products, it is just not that visually appealing as an office building.


2. The Fang Yuan Building – Shenyang, China

This building in Shenyang, China was created by C.Y. Lee in 2001. The Fang Yuan building also falls under the same literal category as the Longaberger headquarters. The building was built to resemble cash, an old Chinese coin. The circular design sits on a rectangular base giving off a very clunky and harsh design. Vertical and circular buildings are not common in the world of architecture. This is what makes this building specifically so jarring.


1. Edgar Hoover Building – Washington D.C.

The Edgar Hoover building in Washington D.C. is not as literal as the other two previous architectural designs. This building is big, bland and bulky and houses the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The tan color building reflects the boring architecture of federal buildings that were popular in the 1960s. The massive building is 2,800,876 square feet inside and has three floors underground and is eight stories high on the left wing and is eleven stories high on the right wing. The building is also filled with square bronze-tinted windows to break up the bleak concrete feel.