As a lover of the construction industry, I can always enjoy a newly constructed building or renovation. One thing that can always grab the attention of passersby is unique and innovative architecture. While there have been many buildings built in the past that have had unique architecture, one recent building stands above the rest as truly eye-catching: Apple’s new campus. That’s right, the world’s largest tech company has built a new home for their $700 billion empire to conduct business. It has been dubbed, Apple Park. And with such a large and unique design, I would love to take a closer look at the building.


Originally conceived by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the brand new building was designed with the intent of housing Apple’s workers under one, single roof in order to facilitate collaboration. The building’s design closely resembles both a donut and a spaceship, giving the building its unofficial nickname, “the spaceship.”


The building has been under construction since November of 2013, and is planned to be mostly completed by the end of 2017. As early as April of this year, Apple employees have been making their way into their new home. And although the large, donut/spaceship-like design is eye-catching enough, what truly has people talking is the price tag. Originally starting off with a proposed budget of $500,000,000, the cost is rumored to have skyrocketed to $5 billion.


As usual with Apple, the company put a heavy focus on design and energy efficiency. According to a report from, CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, stated that the new building will, “run entirely on renewable energy.” As for design, Apple’s veteran lead designer Jony Ive headed the project and went to painstaking efforts to ensure that the building was designed with the care and attention that Apple is known for. For example, according to a report from Quartz, the glass panes on the building were made in such a way that they will not give off a greenish hue with age. The building’s large, open center contains a park with an orchard, a meadow and a pond, and the new campus also features a visitor’s center, an Apple store and a public cafe.


Although employees are slowly moving into the building, it is still a ways off from being fully completed. Construction will still continue even with the newly moved in employees.


To see the latest aerial shots of the campus, check out the video below.