It is no secret that the construction industry has been seeing a bit of a labor issue recently. As a member of the construction industry, I have seen, firsthand, the impact that this has had on the industry. I have even written an article about the industry’s labor woes in the past. However, things seem to be getting better. My own hometown of Atlanta, Georgia is seeing an increase in construction employment.


The main issue with labor in construction is that there seems to be a lack of construction workers, particularly young workers. The issue can be traced back to the fact that our youth are being persuaded to enter into college and pursue degrees for office jobs. And while there I have no issue with earning a college degree, I also understand that higher education is not necessarily for everybody. Successful lives can be attained through construction work, but young adults do not seem to see it this way. And now, the industry is faced with an aging workforce.


But, if recent reports are anything to go by, this may not be the case for too long. According to an article from CBS 46, the construction industry has seen tremendous growth recently. While several cities around the country have seen an influx of workers, there are a few that stand out above the rest, particularly California, Florida and Georgia. Atlanta specifically has seen an additional 6,800 jobs in construction. The number of jobs are based on a survey conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America.


However, these are all construction jobs for the private-sector, not public. This means that public construction projects are continuing to face the construction labor headache.


Regardless of the negative implications for the public sector, it is still nice to see that the construction industry in general is gaining strength. It is also particularly good to know that Atlanta is one of the three leading areas for job growth. Hopefully, this spells out only good things for the industry and that the public sector can bounce back.